Friday, December 17, 2010

DOTA - Defense Of the Ancient

What is DOTA?

          Defense Of The Ancient also known as DOTA.Nowadays, it is widely known on the people who really love games, the best strategy game that I have played.Including myself, I'm one of the them playing this  game.This games is amazing! There are many Heroes that you may choose from but its divided into 3 divisions the Intelligence type, Strength type, and lastly the Agility type.based on my experience playing it most gamers do select the agility type because  in the late game agi type it would surely be a trump card or maybe a turning point but I'm not saying that all of them will do,almost! I've been playing it for 7 years, DOTA is one of the reasons why my girlfriend broke up with me.LOL! but it seems like I cant stop playing it together with my friends, making trash talk, laughing while playing, shouting when you killed someone. here are a lot of couples nowadays broke up because of this game and Im one of them.I rather play DOTA with my friends than to be with my GF =)


       Who is this shadow like demon? familiar isn't it? of course it is Nevermore the Shadow Fiend! He is known for  his AOE skills like the Shadow Raze, and his ultimate Requiem of Souls.This is one of my favorite heroes in the game.I usually farm at the middle in solo flight because it gives fast experience , free farming and most of all I can control the power ups.I really like using the shadowraze because it can bully the opponent and at the same time you can farm easily.The only disadvantage of this hero is being so soft in the early and the middle game that is my you need to farm quickly as soon as possible that you are able to buy Lothars Edge or maybe  Dagger of Escape..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zaraki Kenpachi on his Bankai Form

Who is Zaraki Kenpachi?

          Hello bleach fanatic!This is my first time to post an anime which is bleach. To talk about there is no doubt this is one of the most coolest animes that you are watching.I'm also a big fan of this anime.there are many characters that I like the most such as Hitsugaya Toushirou captain of 10th division, Kurotshchi Mayuri captain of 12 division, Kyouraku Shunsui 8th dvision captain, Ichigo Kurosaki, Aizen Sosuki and the is last Zaraki Kenpachi. You know some of them or maybe you know them all, right? they really are strong because of their  different kinds of zanpakutou but have you ever wonder something that is very strange? or something that is different from the others? I think this is the time to talk about Zaraki Kenpachi! He doesn't have a zanpakutou  but he is one of the monster characters here in bleach. He wield an enormous reiatsu  behind that eyepatch, what if he has a zanpakutou? and shows his bankai form? what the heck! can you image how cool he is? can you imagine what does he look like on his bankai form? Im not saying he is now a monster reiatsu   guy what am I saying is maybe he can compete with not? maybe yes? but one thing is for sure, HE IS UNSTOPPABLE