Saturday, January 8, 2011

Fliptop El Bingot

alrytyowwwwwww! hi there..who is he?Familiar isn’t it?  Of course! Meet El Bingot of fliptop the  man behind fliptop battles.he is one of the most attractive fans in fliptop.El Bingot holds the title being the “Fliptop’s Fan on the Year”  given by unknown people in fliptop.yeah! Awesome!  His presence in the battle really attracts the viewers attention.You can see him  at the emcee’s back or right side, or at the left side of the battle or maybe you’ll be surprised El bingot is at your back already.Look at the Dello vs Target, Zaito vs Loonie he was there and also the battle of Nothing Else vs Abra.He's almost punctual in all fliptop battles and I like the way he smiles in the battle.Before I don't believe about the thing called killer smile but when I saw him doing his killer smile thing ,on that moment noI'm starting to  believe it .lol his facial reactions are the El Bingot has a fanpage on facebook it has already 1k followers in it and everyday it's getting bigger and bigger, of course I'm one of those who like.heres the link for his Fanpage yeah! I think this is the perfect time to reveal this shit on you guys, I just want to share this important information that we must know about him. You know Anygma of fliptop? Aygma is not really the founder of fliptop he is just the right hand of El Bingot. Actually El Bingot is the person behind the fliptop success and also the founder of a "low profile" person in the battle is one of his strategies not to reveal his true identity.yeah! "abangan nyo si El Bingot na magdadala sa inyo ng bangungot"

On this battle below Dello vs Target, he was there behind Dello and this is the first time I saw him and inspired me to make and edited image and post about him.He looks funny here! promise!
Fliptop - El Bingot.Watch out! the true pride of Fliptop!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Fliptop Loonie Lines

Loonie?a lyrc wise rapper as the time passed by his getting better and better. His real name was Marlon Peroramas,age of 24 , lives at Pasig City, and reppin at stickfiggas/6000 goonz/team watawat/barangay tibay/konektado, basic information about Loonie.No doubt there are many people who like this man.I think he is one of the most popular emcee here in fliptop, This guy is amazing.His lines in the battle were also the best and aside from being best it is also powerful that would caught the crowd's attention.In the Industy Loonie has much more experience than the other emcees in fliptop that's why he was chosen to participate in "Sunugan Battle of the Twin Towers" last year a two on two rap battle and it said to be the most a really entertaining battle.On that battle his teammate was Datu and their opponent were Target of DC Clan and Dello of Skwaterhauz.There is a question that really bothers me a lot and it is very difficult to answer it.the question is , Whos the best in Fliptop? is it Loonie or Dello? I cant wait to see this battle.I Think this is the best battle that worth watching for.=)

Fliptop Zaito Lines

 Who is Zaito? he is one of the best emcees in fliptop battles yoww and that is the thing u should know?!lol.Zaito lives @  Las Pinas, Cavite , age of 26, reppin at Vigilante Family and South Radical Production, There are many people say that he is not worthy to battle again in fliptop  because of his defeat between Loonie.Well, Yes it is true, he was defeated but one thing is for sure he will come back together with his cool lines.I've waited many months to see if Zaito was true to his words, I was surprised that he wasn't lying about it.On his battle with Silencer he shows confidence and delivered cool lines and also I found out that he has  a sense of humor.In the battle, he caught the attention of the crowd even Anygma was really laughing about his funny lines, including us here in cafe.he was really funny! Aside from Dello, he is my Idol now.I also like the way he raps and the way he deliver his cool lyrcs.I like his lyrics because there are no foul words included, it think its awesome compared to Batas.I like his songs, very simple yet pleasing to ears and again no foul words included.Zaito is making his first step to the top.How I wish there is a  rematch  for Loonie vs Zaito, I think this is a great fight to watch out.=)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fliptop Target Lines

Target Achilles of  DC clan? Im one of his fans!he is one of the best here in fliptop,don't doubt about it, you'll regret! His real name was Rene Boy Palma, lives at Las Pinas City, reppin at double cross and dc clan .He is my idol second to Dello of skwaterhauZ.The battle between him and Dello was an epic in all fliptop battles, why? because of the cool lines they delivered and also the talent and skills they shared in the battle.At that battle  the people in the venue were entertained by them.I can see through their eyes.It was a really good fight that I have watched.Compared to other emcees in fliptop his style was different it shows a trembling effect  on the crowd.His fliptop lines were really great and caught the attention of the people in the hot venue.they say that Target were using  foul lines in the battle, yes he does but I think it is just common to use those words in the battle thats why it is called  "Trash Talk" . I cant wait to see his next battle, who would it be? is it Loonie of  Stickfiggas? Batas of Kampot Teroritmo? or maybe Abra of LDP.whos your bet? I think it would be a great fight to watch but as of now I want to share to you guys the cool lines of Target he used in Fliptop battles.Enjoy!

This is a must watch battle! you wont regret this thing, on this battle it has 8.9 Million viewers on youtube as of now.and its staring to increase rapidly.enjoy watching.=)

FLIPTOP - Dello Lines

Who is Dello? He's my idol! The master of reverse?  and doesn't need to reherse? you dont know him? or maybe you're just kidding? everybody knows him because of his talent and skills shared in the fliptop battles.,except those people who dislike him.Dello is the best among them and his different from the other rappers who joined fliptop because he shows respect to his opponent and shows different style in the battle and that makes him unique.He is one of the talented artists in a cool Filipino band skwaterhauz his real name was Wendell de Jesus Gatmaitan, age of 28 and lives at Tondo,Manila.That was a basic information about Dello for the people who didn't know him yet.Back to fliptop, nowadays we cant blame the youth from being addicted in fliptop - First Filipino Rap Battle including myself I'm so addicted to  it and thanks to Anygma for sharing this thing to us..He is the best among the rest.I think he is invincible,one of a kind. Dello said in his battle  between Target "Si Dello mukha tong inosente pero d ito mabait".I think this is true, it reflects on his personality , we don't know him well and don't underestimate his skills, you might fall to his traps and the way he raps.In all fliptop battles this is the best battle I have ever watched, Dello vs Target. it has already 8.7 million views on youtube.Because Dello is my idol I decided to write his fliptop lines  and posted on my blog.just to shared how really good he is in battle! these are the fliptop lines of dello in his Battles.enjoy!

As I've said awhile ago this is the best battle I've ever watched.want to know why? just watch this video and you'll find the answer,This is the battle between professional rappers not noobs, They are unstoppable! no doubt they are perfect match for  "Sunugan -  battle of the twin towers" its a two on two rap battle.

I don't really like this battle, I smell something fishy about this thing, its unfair.Dello should win this battle, I think the judges are paid just to give the votes to!how pity, they don't know how to play fair.damn! People who watched this video are not dumb enough not to know whos the true winner of this battle.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dello Skwaterhauz

The Skwaterhauwz consists of four talented artists from the Philippines.The members were Vanjohn,Zikk,Saint Michael and the last one my one and only idol in fliptop, Dello!you don’t know who’s Dello? Skwaterhauz is one of the best groups in Philippines.I like really like this band because they got many cool and original songs.try to listen to their  songs and you’ll see its good and enough to make your day complete.Good luck guyz! 

Friday, December 17, 2010

DOTA - Defense Of the Ancient

What is DOTA?

          Defense Of The Ancient also known as DOTA.Nowadays, it is widely known on the people who really love games, the best strategy game that I have played.Including myself, I'm one of the them playing this  game.This games is amazing! There are many Heroes that you may choose from but its divided into 3 divisions the Intelligence type, Strength type, and lastly the Agility type.based on my experience playing it most gamers do select the agility type because  in the late game agi type it would surely be a trump card or maybe a turning point but I'm not saying that all of them will do,almost! I've been playing it for 7 years, DOTA is one of the reasons why my girlfriend broke up with me.LOL! but it seems like I cant stop playing it together with my friends, making trash talk, laughing while playing, shouting when you killed someone. here are a lot of couples nowadays broke up because of this game and Im one of them.I rather play DOTA with my friends than to be with my GF =)


       Who is this shadow like demon? familiar isn't it? of course it is Nevermore the Shadow Fiend! He is known for  his AOE skills like the Shadow Raze, and his ultimate Requiem of Souls.This is one of my favorite heroes in the game.I usually farm at the middle in solo flight because it gives fast experience , free farming and most of all I can control the power ups.I really like using the shadowraze because it can bully the opponent and at the same time you can farm easily.The only disadvantage of this hero is being so soft in the early and the middle game that is my you need to farm quickly as soon as possible that you are able to buy Lothars Edge or maybe  Dagger of Escape..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Zaraki Kenpachi on his Bankai Form

Who is Zaraki Kenpachi?

          Hello bleach fanatic!This is my first time to post an anime which is bleach. To talk about there is no doubt this is one of the most coolest animes that you are watching.I'm also a big fan of this anime.there are many characters that I like the most such as Hitsugaya Toushirou captain of 10th division, Kurotshchi Mayuri captain of 12 division, Kyouraku Shunsui 8th dvision captain, Ichigo Kurosaki, Aizen Sosuki and the is last Zaraki Kenpachi. You know some of them or maybe you know them all, right? they really are strong because of their  different kinds of zanpakutou but have you ever wonder something that is very strange? or something that is different from the others? I think this is the time to talk about Zaraki Kenpachi! He doesn't have a zanpakutou  but he is one of the monster characters here in bleach. He wield an enormous reiatsu  behind that eyepatch, what if he has a zanpakutou? and shows his bankai form? what the heck! can you image how cool he is? can you imagine what does he look like on his bankai form? Im not saying he is now a monster reiatsu   guy what am I saying is maybe he can compete with not? maybe yes? but one thing is for sure, HE IS UNSTOPPABLE