Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dota Map Hack Garena Master

 Want to play Dota that will give you almost 100% chance of winning? There are many map hacks programs that I've encountered in our cafe but this time its different from the other map hack programs, it is very easy to use all you need to is to follow these steps and you're done.Meet Garena Master, the best map hack in playing won't regret using this if you are a cheater.lolz.Well if you are a cheater Im sure you will enjoy it. Its proven and tested with my fellow players here at the netcafe they are really enjoying it especially for the people who are not that good in playing DOTA.

NOTE: "I'm not using this thing just to win , map hacks are for those people who are noobs.right? :)"

These are the features that you may enjoy using GM, Im using GM too but the features that Ive used were Garena Namespoofer - you may change your name in garena so you wont be trace by the palyers or maybe the admin to ban your garena account
Garena Auto Room Joiner - this is the best feature that I really like in GM, It saves time for me to join in the room and also it makes me relax
Exp Hack - Maybe I like this thing, extra Exp for my garena account 

how to resize feedjit

What is feedjit?This is one of the best widget that I'm using in my really helps a lot.You should have this thing attached to your site.I decided to put,because its almost perfect but one thing is not proper, the width of it.It doesn't fit on my blog.have u try it? its a small problem but causes big trouble.but thank God I solve this problem and I wanted to share it with you guys, how to resize feedjit's width?this is how you do it.just follow these simple steps and your done, easy as 1 2 3.enjoy! I hope it works to you

Step 1
Login to your blogger account , then go to Design -> Page Element
Click your feedjit same as the image above(click the image to enlarge)
 change the 150 on your desired width, experiment it then after click save change then view blog

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Eyeshield 21

 First of all I don't know how to play American football and I don't have interest on it and I don't have a single idea how to do it but when I watched Eyeshield 21 it feels like I wanted to be one of the players in the these past few days? Well I have something to share with you guys and you wont regret this thing, Watch Eyeshield 21! this is one of my fave anime.Any Idea about him? Who is Eyeshield 21? His real name was Kobayakawa Sean. A first year student studying at Deimon High School.A simple student who want to live normal but Hiruma a cool higher year student discovered his talent in running or should is say potential in playing American football, running at the speed of light.Hiruma forced Sena to join his team and operate under the codename "Eyeshield 21" to be the running back or  the trump card of the Deimon Devil Bats.After he joined the team they were only 2 members Hiruma and Kurita.The team are outnumbered , lacked of players but time passed by they recruited players.On his first battle was Shin of Oujo White Knights at that game the team was defeated but for them it was not a defeat because at that time Sena decided to play the American football seriously and devoted himself to the game.After his hardships in training and experience in the games he had with the team, Sena developed many kind of technique such as devil bat ghost, devil bat dive, devil bat sky dive, devil bat hurricane,devil backfire and many more.The ultimate dream of the team is to participate on this coming Christmas to continue the dreams of the three founders of deimon devil bats.

 Among the characters in Eyeshield 21 hiruma is my fave lol! the image below thats Hiruma.He is really funny it made me sick laughing at him when he wants to force Sena to do his best in the game.Bringing a big rifle, bazooka, firing at Sena and other members of the the team together with his demonic smile and laugh, hahahah no doubt deimon devil bats is the best name for the when Hiruma is serious the team should be serious or else you will be punished by him.:)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LDP Lyrically Deranged Poets Receives Award

LDP? Lyrically Deranged Poets. This is one of the most coolest bands in the nation and one them is Abra  of fliptop.dont know him just.This is another great award for LDP.LDP received the award being the Best Urban Group by 2011 Urban Music AwardsThere's no doubt about this people to have this award I mean they deserved this thing.Aside from highest votes gained  their songs are also nice such as Suliranin and the three years in the making.I really like this band.simple yet cool.please support them and also Abra on his fliptop battles and his band, keep on rocking guyz.LDPeace! :)

Fliptop Battle Schedules

Yes! after how many months of waiting at last there is a schedule for the my idol's battle and other emcees in fliptop.For those who are near the venue you're lucky and for those who are not you are also lucky  :) just save this blog and I'll give you the updates about the battles.enjoy!

What: Fliptop Battles
When: February 5 @ 6:00 pm and February 6 @ 4:00 am
Where: Quantum Cafe,Bagtikan Corner Kamagong, Makati City, Philippines
Created by: Fliptop Battle League

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fliptop El Bingot Vs El Kalbo

This coming summer 2011 a new set of rappers will tremble the whole Philippines and all over the world.The long awaited battle has finally arrived.Witness the once in a life opportunity that you must see,its a must!.The two most greatest  annoying, attractive, and disturbing fans during the fliptop battles and finally crossed their paths each other.The title is "East vs West".On the image above he is the challenger from Dyan Dyan Lang City please welcome El Kalbo! dont know him? well watch Zaito and Abra's fight you'll see his annoying face and on the other hand please welcome our champion El Bingot! El Bingot holds the fliptop titles such as The most punctual fan in fliptop, most annoying face in fliptop battle, and last is the "Fliptop's fan of the year" .Those were the reasons why El kalbo wants to challege El Bingot this coming summer.I think this is the most epic fight that worth watching more excuses for both teams.The last man stands wins! The victory will be base on the "likes" and "comments" For El Kalbo's voting place, visit this link (Click Me) and for our champion El Bingot's voting place,visit this link(Click Me) .The Winner will receive the new award being "The Most Epal Behind Fliptop Battles" Alrytyowww! what are you waiting for? starts voting now..good luck yowwwwwww! heheheh =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fliptop El Kalbo

Yow! wazzup my fellow fliptopers?! todays post is all about the people behind fliptop I mean behind the emcee in the battle.have you watched the battle of Zaito vs Abra? if you have already watched Im sure you'll enjoy this thing.  As we all know the the champion is "El Bingot" but now there is another challenger that would like to take his crown being the most attractive fan behind fliptop, ever wonder who's this guy in the picture above?.I think this is the time to introduce to you guys, please welcome our new challenger "El Kalbo!" .yeah! I was inspired to make this image about him because he really caught my attention while Im watching the battle of Abra vs Zaito.hahaha! lol.Aside from being attractive behind the battle, he shows his killer smile thing,yeah! it captivates the viewers attention,it really does! I have red the comments in youtube and it shows that Im not the only one noticed him,we are many! hahah.from now on I will be one of his greatest fans and no matter what will happen it wont change! heheh..

wahahahh! this is the video that I have watched lately, look at the 6:33 .that time really caught my! hahah.the best...His reaction was really funny although it was exag..Remember El Bingot the man behind Zaito and Loonie's Battle? they are perfect match for the second Sunugan "battle of the twin towers" lol!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fliptop Anygma

Who's the man behind fliptop? Fliptop is now popular nowadays because of this man, without him fliptop wont be introduce here in the Phillippines, I know you have already an idea who is  this guy on the picture, Its Anygma! Well, if you're watching fliptop you will see him in the middle of the fight I mean he is the cool referee in the battle and aside from being a referee he is also an isn't it? Anygma was already been interviewed by FHM (Source) to talk about the foundation and how the fliptop started in the Philippines. We should be thankful to this man without him fliptop won't be here and we are not enjoying watching these great fliptop battles.As I've said awhile ago Anygma is could be also an emcee.Last december 30 he had a battle with Dirtbag Dan.It was great fight, they were able to deliver cool punchlines in both sides and on that battle Aygma won! I never thought he had that kind of talent, cool! btw, its Aygma not!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fliptop Profile Icons

Fliptop - First Filipino Rap Battle is one of the most popular sensations in youtube.This is very popular in the Philippines.Well, we cant blame these people following this rap battle because it is really awesome.There are many unknown/known rappers who participated this event.Some of them has experienced the cool battles and some of them don't and some of them really had talents.As I've said awhile ago there are many talented rappers here and idolized by many people including me.For me I would choose Dello the master of Reverse or maybe Target of DC clan,how about you? I have posted the profiles who shared the talent and skills in fliptop battles attached to it were the names,age,reppin,real names,hometowns, and contact infos just basic information about them.maybe I'll just update their win and loose status of now here are the cool emcees of fliptop! enjoy! ^^


Age: 26
Hometown: Las Pinas City / Cavite
Reppin: Vigilante Family, South Radical Production


Real Name: Raymond Abracosa
Age: 22
Hometown: Pasig City
Reppin: Lyrically Deranged Poets, FlipMusic, Team Sunday


Real Name: Alaric Riam Yuson
Age: 22
Hometown: Pasig City
Reppin: AMPON, Talksic Ways

Real Name: Marlon Peroramas
Age: 24
Hometown: Cebu City, Pasig City
Representing: Stickfiggas, 6000 Goonz, Team Watawat, Batangay Tibay, Konektado


Real Name: Mark Rodriguez
Age: 29
Hometown: Tahanan Paranaque
Reppin: Wild Ones Tatttoo, Kampo Teroritmo, Barangay Tibay, Sultan of Snap, Tha TVC Black


Age: 22
Hometown: Paranaque
Reppin: Ampon


Age: 17
Hometown: Valenzuela City
Reppin: Rhym Minister, Deepflowmahgik, Hustlin Records

 Daddy Joe D

Age: 24
Hometown: San Pedro, Laguna
Reppin: Elegante / P3TRecords, RS Production, Bigkasang San Pedro


Age: ?
Hometown: ?
Reppin: ?


Real Name: Wendell de Jesus Gatmaitan
Hometown: Tondo
Reppin: Skwaterhaws, Mongol Unit


Age: 22
Hometown: Ciudad Grande
Reppin: Kampo Terroritmo / Heavenly Host


Age: 21
Hometown: Vito Cruz
Reppin: Vito Crew, TL, LD, People’s Future, Yo Momma


Age: ?
Hometown: Quezon City
Reppin: Kalayaan, Moment Squad

Age: ?
Hometown: Pasig City
Reppin: SMC


Age: 22
Hometown: Pasig City
Reppin: Team Watawat, Schizophrenia, Street Team

Josh G.

Age: 18
Hometown: ?
Reppin: SNL Crew, Edub

Juan Tamad

Age: 27
Hometown: Paranaque/Makati City
Reppin: Southern Villains/ Meks Familia

 Mike Makata

Age: 27
Hometown: Paranaque/Makati City
Reppin: Southern Villains/ Meks Familia


Age: 24
Hometown: Quezon City
Reppin: Ampon / Murderdeathkill

Age: 18
Hometown: Mandaluyong
Reppin: BMG


Real Name: Philip Pacheco
Hometown: Pasig
Tropa / Label / Crew / Grupo:
Ampon, Talksic Ways
Contact Info:


Real Name: Rene Boy Palma
Age: ?
Hometown: Las Pinas City
Reppin: Double Cross, DC Clan Music, The Real South Pride Production


Age: 22
Hometown: SouthSide Las Pinas
Reppin: Himself

Age: 19
Hometown: Paco, Manila
Reppin: Mack-Town, Taft-Love


Hometown: Harrisburg/PA/Paco Manila
Reppin:Dope Boys
Real Name: Ric Laurino
Age: 29
Hometown: Paranaque City
Reppin: Familia de Calibre, DC Clan Music, The Real South Pride Production

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fliptop Abra Lines

Raymond Abracosa A.K.A Abra from LPD(Lyrically Deranged Poets) You don't know him? He is one of the most popular emcees in fliptop battles especially in women. We can't blame these women to  have an affection or should I say  being inlove with Abra because of his talent and his charm in the battles.Recently, I visited his facebook account it has 75k followers and I think 50k of it are women.what do you think?ol! They say that Abra has some similarities with Gloc 9 and Francis M. .Agree? Abra's style  in the battle is  unique. As we all know he can rap fast as he can and one thing I like this guy in the battle is that  the words he pronounce are very clear,well if you listen carefully unlike the others we cant understand what they are saying.Do you think this line he used in the battle   could be true? "Mananalo ka lang kasi kapag nagchoke ako sa laban"  I think this is true in his battle between nothing else.The best battle I ever watched was Abra vs Zaito, it was a fair and close fight.The votes were 2 for Abra and 3 for Zaito.that was really close.btw, it was a good fight.His first victory was his battle with Harlem - to know his fliptop lines  he used the battle? thank God I posted these lines just for you.just tell me if there are wrong lines and I'll just change it .Abra's Line! Enjoy! ^^ 
"My Favorite Lines during his battle with Zaito"

"Your style is weak as fuck and I don't even have to speak in Tagalog to render you speechless, I'm prepared to unleash this, metaphysical monster in me to rip you apart and tear you to pieces. And I don't even have to get physical like I'm dismantling you with telekenesis, I'm an arrogant beast and this faggot is weak..., so logically it equates to me saying I'm the veterance here bitch!"