Saturday, February 5, 2011

how to resize feedjit

What is feedjit?This is one of the best widget that I'm using in my really helps a lot.You should have this thing attached to your site.I decided to put,because its almost perfect but one thing is not proper, the width of it.It doesn't fit on my blog.have u try it? its a small problem but causes big trouble.but thank God I solve this problem and I wanted to share it with you guys, how to resize feedjit's width?this is how you do it.just follow these simple steps and your done, easy as 1 2 3.enjoy! I hope it works to you

Step 1
Login to your blogger account , then go to Design -> Page Element
Click your feedjit same as the image above(click the image to enlarge)
 change the 150 on your desired width, experiment it then after click save change then view blog


Ayyampettai Arivudainambi Kaliyaperumal Chandran said...

Was helpful...Thanks..!!

Pettskie said...

sure! thanks for visiting my blog... :)