Friday, January 21, 2011

Fliptop El Kalbo

Yow! wazzup my fellow fliptopers?! todays post is all about the people behind fliptop I mean behind the emcee in the battle.have you watched the battle of Zaito vs Abra? if you have already watched Im sure you'll enjoy this thing.  As we all know the the champion is "El Bingot" but now there is another challenger that would like to take his crown being the most attractive fan behind fliptop, ever wonder who's this guy in the picture above?.I think this is the time to introduce to you guys, please welcome our new challenger "El Kalbo!" .yeah! I was inspired to make this image about him because he really caught my attention while Im watching the battle of Abra vs Zaito.hahaha! lol.Aside from being attractive behind the battle, he shows his killer smile thing,yeah! it captivates the viewers attention,it really does! I have red the comments in youtube and it shows that Im not the only one noticed him,we are many! hahah.from now on I will be one of his greatest fans and no matter what will happen it wont change! heheh..

wahahahh! this is the video that I have watched lately, look at the 6:33 .that time really caught my! hahah.the best...His reaction was really funny although it was exag..Remember El Bingot the man behind Zaito and Loonie's Battle? they are perfect match for the second Sunugan "battle of the twin towers" lol!


deniyoh said...

Haha. Nakita ko din to! na-prinscreen ko din
mukha nyang malupit! haha :DDD kewl.

deniyoh said...

Haha. Nakita ko din to! na-prinscreen* ko din
mukha nyang malupit! haha :DDD kewl.


Pettskie said...

@deniyoh wahahaha..grabe ang ang lupit mo naman.sabgay agaw pansin kasi siya ehh hahah :))

black jack 23 said...

nakita ko to sa fliptop parang walang paki

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