Monday, January 24, 2011

Fliptop El Bingot Vs El Kalbo

This coming summer 2011 a new set of rappers will tremble the whole Philippines and all over the world.The long awaited battle has finally arrived.Witness the once in a life opportunity that you must see,its a must!.The two most greatest  annoying, attractive, and disturbing fans during the fliptop battles and finally crossed their paths each other.The title is "East vs West".On the image above he is the challenger from Dyan Dyan Lang City please welcome El Kalbo! dont know him? well watch Zaito and Abra's fight you'll see his annoying face and on the other hand please welcome our champion El Bingot! El Bingot holds the fliptop titles such as The most punctual fan in fliptop, most annoying face in fliptop battle, and last is the "Fliptop's fan of the year" .Those were the reasons why El kalbo wants to challege El Bingot this coming summer.I think this is the most epic fight that worth watching more excuses for both teams.The last man stands wins! The victory will be base on the "likes" and "comments" For El Kalbo's voting place, visit this link (Click Me) and for our champion El Bingot's voting place,visit this link(Click Me) .The Winner will receive the new award being "The Most Epal Behind Fliptop Battles" Alrytyowww! what are you waiting for? starts voting now..good luck yowwwwwww! heheheh =)


Joanna Burns said...

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