Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dota Map Hack Garena Master

 Want to play Dota that will give you almost 100% chance of winning? There are many map hacks programs that I've encountered in our cafe but this time its different from the other map hack programs, it is very easy to use all you need to is to follow these steps and you're done.Meet Garena Master, the best map hack in playing won't regret using this if you are a cheater.lolz.Well if you are a cheater Im sure you will enjoy it. Its proven and tested with my fellow players here at the netcafe they are really enjoying it especially for the people who are not that good in playing DOTA.

NOTE: "I'm not using this thing just to win , map hacks are for those people who are noobs.right? :)"

These are the features that you may enjoy using GM, Im using GM too but the features that Ive used were Garena Namespoofer - you may change your name in garena so you wont be trace by the palyers or maybe the admin to ban your garena account
Garena Auto Room Joiner - this is the best feature that I really like in GM, It saves time for me to join in the room and also it makes me relax
Exp Hack - Maybe I like this thing, extra Exp for my garena account 


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